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Jennifer Wiley, PhD

Professor of Psychology, University of Illinois at Chicago



Jennifer Wiley received her PhD in 1996 from the University of Pittsburgh, where she trained under the mentorship of James F. Voss at the Learning Research and Development Center.  She continued her training as a postdoctoral scholar at UMass Amherst where she collaborated with Jerry Myers, Keith Rayner, and Mike Royer. In 2000, she joined UIC as faculty. Much of her work lies at the intersection of cognition and education. Her research interests include text comprehension, metacomprehension and problem solving; interventions that improve learning in science and history; exploring the impact of collaboration on learning and problem solving; and investigating conditions that enable people to solve problems creatively or more effectively. Her research has been supported by a variety of agencies including the Institute for Education Sciences, the Humboldt Foundation, the National Science Foundation, the Office of Naval Research, and the Paul G. Allen Foundation.

Many students and colleagues have contributed as part of the Comprehension, Creativity and Collaboration Laboratory

For a complete list of presentations and publications, see her Vita and Publications Page



Office: 1054C BSB
Phone: 312-355-2501
Email: jwiley@uic.edu
Mailing Address: 1007 W. Harrison St (MC 285)
Chicago IL 60607