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Jennifer Wiley, PhD

Professor of Psychology, University of Illinois at Chicago



Information for Former Students:
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Course information:
PSCH 321 Developmental Lab, Fall 2014
PSCH 352 Cognitive Psychology, Spring 2001
PSCH 353 Cognitive Lab, Fall 2020 - ONLINE
PSCH 555 (aka 455) Problem Solving & Reasoning, Fall 2020
PSCH 459 Cognitive Methods, Spring 2006
PSCH 457 Skill and Knowledge Acquisition, Spring 2004
PSCH 558 Creativity, Innovation & Insight, Spring 2011

Academic Information:
Vita and Publications List
Comprehension, Creativity and Collaboration Laboratory

Research Interests:
Comprehension, metacomprehension and problem solving. Interventions that improve learning in science and history. The impact of collaboration on learning and problem solving. Conditions that enable people to solve problems creatively or more effectively.

Media Coverage:
Science News: A boozy glow may trigger problem-solving insights
WIRED: Why Being Sleepy and Drunk Are Great for Creativity
Psychology Today
Wall Street Journal: How to be creative



Office: 1054C BSB
Phone: 312-355-2501
Email: jwiley@uic.edu
Mailing Address: 1007 W. Harrison St (MC 285)
Chicago IL 60607

Dr. Wiley will be considering new graduate students for 2021-2022.